Scope of activities

The objective of the Association is to promote, support and accelerate the deployment process of the European Rail Traffic Management (ERTMS) and the European Train Control System (ETCS) from the point of view of the testing and validation, as well as from the research community.

Our Missions

The Association will pursue its objective inter alia by conducting the following activities in the field of ERTMS/ETCS:

  • Providing lab platforms to test ERTMS components and subsystems both for components certification and for subsystems (trackside and onboard) validation and interoperability demonstration;
  • Providing representation, expertise and advice to other stakeholders, e.g. industrial companies, ETCS suppliers, railways, European Bodies as UIC; UNIFE, European Union Agency for Railways, the European Union and its Member States, about the results and needs of European testing and assessment;


  • actively participating as a partner in the creation and implementation of the appropriate projects;
  • reaching a better gathering of the above-mentioned research community by mapping existing research competences, facilities and expertise and maintaining a respective knowledge base for its Members and third parties;
  • formulating joint views on existing and future needs on infrastructures and programmes for ERTMS testing and validation; special attention will be drawn to the interrelation and cooperation between test and validation laboratories, with the support of national, European and international programmes;
  • issuing any other coordinated positions on ERTMS standards tests and assessment and representing the interests of its Members in general towards third parties.”