Subset-076, Subset-094: EVC functional tests for the onboard unit (EVC), in conformity with the Subset-094 test environment and required for certification of conformity as defined in Subset-026.
Subset-085: Eurobalise and BTM interoperability tests. These tests are verifications  required for certification of conformity and suitability for use of Eurobalise/BTM data transmission defined in Subset-036.


Additional Services

Besides the Accredited Services mentioned above, EAL members also develop other sets of tests, following the same design principles that resulted in the accredited services above. They include tests for track side equipment (including Interlocking, LEU, RBC), STM. 
They also perform tests at system level, combining onboard and trackside ERTMS components and being an excellent and necessary tool to execute at lab the tests defined in the 2016/919 EU CCS TSI (amended by EU 2019/776):  Operational Test Scenarios for Placing in Service new lines and ESC (ETCS System Compatibility) Tests for assuring the interoperability of new trains entering in a line in operation.  These tests open the possibility of making real the statement included in article 10 of this TSI: “…. The possibility of executing those checks in a laboratory representing the trackside configuration to be made available by the Infrastructure Manager should be prioritized” 

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